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Travel Advisor and founder of GreeTravel.
With nearly a lifetime of international travel experience, blessed with the opportunity to lovely share passion with others in the art of travel.

Greta Urbonaite

Travel Advisor - Founder



As a young girl, I frequently traveled around Europe with my parents and fell in love with different cultures, architecture, and languages at a very young age. As the founder of GreeTravel, I’m very blessed with the opportunity to share my passion with others who are eager to experience the beauty of new places.

In 2013, I earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality business from the Vilnius University of Applied Science and immediately threw myself into the hospitality industry. I’ve served with a variety of luxury hotels and travel agencies in Lithuania and Turkey, pointing travelers toward all the little details that make that part of the world truly wonderful. I have a deep background in tourism management and operations, and I was available 24/7 to clients, taking care of their every need over the course of their trip. But what excites me most about working with other travelers is learning about their specific visions and goals for their journey and helping them shape their experience around those ideas. Over the years, I’ve discovered almost everyone wants a different kind of experience on their trip, and it is my mission to show them how every journey they make will be something they’ll never forget.

I have traveled through Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, England, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Turkey, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the United States (where I currently reside), and a variety of other countries. Each of these places is exceptional and beautiful in its own way, and there is nothing I love more than helping others explore the cultures and traditions that make them so special.

When I’m not in the office, I love doing yoga, cooking, hiking, and being in nature.

Let’s decide where your next adventure will take you. From now on, you’ll never go alone!


Founder of Greetravel
HR Coordinator at GP Transco
Tourism Manager at International tour operator - Tez Tour
Apr 2013 - Oct 2013
Front Desk at luxury hotel - National Hotel

Education / Qualification

Graduated in June 2013
Name of qualification and title conferred:
Professional Bachelor's degree in Business, Tourism and Hotel Administration
Name and status of awarding institution:
Vilnius University of Applied Science, state institution of higher education.

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